Fostering Effective Relationships

Throughout my field experience, I have consistently built positive and productive relationships with students and peers within the school.  As an educator, I believe practising inclusive learning is the core of building a positive relationship with students. This learning method not only empowers every student in a diverse classroom through honouring cultural diversity, but it also allows students to feel respected and pride in their identity.


I believe there is a difference between building a positive classroom relationship and building a positive interpersonal relationship with individual students, however, both are equally important. On top of providing an inclusive, empathetic and caring environment to build a supportive classroom culture. I also ensure to explore my students’ personal interest to further develop our interpersonal relationships. From the images on the left, it is evident that a positive interpersonal relationship has been established with the students in the short four to six weeks of Field Experience II and III. Many students had voluntarily spent their own time to produce creative letters to express their appreciation for my contribution to their learning.


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