Establishing Inclusive Learning Environments

The images on the left is an inclusive learning exercise done in my Field Experience II. The exercise shown in the picture was done on my last day of practicum, although it had been done once a few weeks prior to a student, and it is called the appreciation exercise. I was placed in a seat in front of a whiteboard while facing away from the whiteboard. Students took turns writing compliments and words of appreciation on the whiteboard while I read “The North Star” by Peter H. Reynolds, a parting gift given by my partner teacher. Once they were finished, I turned around to read all the kind words that were on the whiteboard. This was an extremely powerful and moving activity which shows the students what a few kind words can positively affect the person’s feeling. Not only so, seeing the positive emotions shown on the person of interest affected the students’ emotions positively as well. Without giving any incentive, students see the power of inclusivity and are motivated to establish an inclusive learning environment on their own.


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