Engaging in Career-Long Learning

My philosophy of education is rooted in the concept of lifelong learning, as I believe it is the true purpose of the education system, by inspiring future generations to question and inquire about their surroundings and the social norm. In order to effectively influence my students to become independent lifelong learners, I must also have the mindset of a lifelong learner.

As a science enthusiast, I find exploring emerging technologies and scientific methods to be especially inspiring. I believe in project-based inquiry learning so much so, I apply it to myself. During one of my undergraduate course on the topic of nuclear physics, my group and I wrote a scientific paper on an emerging nuclear power technology called the small modular reactor. With the knowledge I gained from writing this paper, I began exploring the optimal usage of this technology and came across the problem of extremely high electricity rate and food security in the Canadian Territories.

With the essential question being “How might we produce a large quantity of food in a small amount of space with a low amount of electricity?”. I began developing a hydroponic system in my basement using purely information from the internet and research papers. The first trial of the official experiment yielded 50 heads of lettuce in 2 months using a 2ft by 4ft space at 5ft tall.

By critically reviewing my processes and applying improvement after every successful trial, the system is now 2ft by 4ft by 6ft and yielding 5 heads of lettuce every week!

I believe by reflecting on my own learning process through these kinds of experiment, I am able to obtain more information on how my students might learn and help them become independent lifelong learners.


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