Demonstrating a Professional Body of Knowledge

Throughout my Field Experience II, I demonstrated the ability to integrate discipline-based inquiry learning and project-based learning into my grade 3/4 classroom, by assigning a challenge to construct a vehicle powered by a mousetrap. The original response from the students was a room full of confused faces as expected, however, when I pulled out the prototype, it all became clear for the students.

Students were taught to use the design process and critical thinking to problem solve any inquiry they encounter, similarly to the real-world practice. Throughout the process, students generated their own essential questions regarding optimizing the speed of the vehicle or the distance of the vehicle. By inquiring about what factor contributes to their essential question, students were able to generate solutions with my guidance.


On top of being an inquiry project, I believe this also encompasses human-centred design. Students were engaged in their learning because they were the ones asking questions and coming up with solutions to questions they care about. Although, they cared greatly about how their final product turned out, however, it does not represent the depth of their learning, as all the learning is in the process and all students were highly invested in the building and problem-solving process. I am proud of this project as this connects back to my education philosophy of teaching all my students to become independent life-long learners. I believe I have taught and shown them that they all have the ability to inquire and solve on their own.


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