Area of Growth

Although I have grown academically during my six years of a university career, I believe understanding the importance of professional learning is absolutely crucial to improving as an educational professional.

One of my biggest area of growth is building positive relationships with parents. Throughout my Field Experience II and III, I have not developed my skills regarding forming relationships with parents at all. This is going to be one of my many goals when returning to Field Experience IV.

Another area of growth of mine is integrating indigenous culture and ways of knowing into my teachings. Although I have been building my knowledge in this area through conferences and courses, it simply does not satisfy me if I do not share this knowledge. I believe I have enough understanding to begin actively exploring indigenous education and become a better ally. My first attempt will be at WestCAST 2019 with five other colleagues who were also attendees of the Canadian Roots Exchange conference with me back in November 2018.


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