Applying Foundational Knowledge about First Nations, Métis and Inuit

Throughout my university career, while in the education program, I have engaged in professional developments in the forms of seminarsconferencesvolunteer experiences, and passion inspired learning.

The most valuable conference experience I have had was the National Youth Gathering hosted by Canadian Roots Exchange in 2018. Throughout the conference, we explored many topics such as Inuit Way of Life, Empowering Indigenous Youth Through Entrepenourism, Better Allyship, Indigenous Ways of Knowing and many more. I have gained a stronger and deeper understanding of the indigenous culture and what I can do as an educator to equitably support the indigenous community. The conference has inspired me to become a better and more active ally by presenting my newly learned knowledge to others at WestCAST 2019, hosted by the University of Calgary.

Another memorable moment of the conference was the keynote presentation given by Sarain Fox. She focused the keynote on the importance of truth before reconciliation and the common cultural appropriation we often do not think about or ignore. I believe through this experience, I have enhanced my understanding of the indigenous worldviews, cultural beliefs, languages and values.


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