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My name is John Doe. I am a Spanish Digital Designer & Developer, focusing on Graphic Design and Web Design.

I am currently working as a full time Graphic and Web
Designer at Lorem Ipsum – Perspiciatis, a small but
successful design agency in Spain.

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Philosophy of Education

My education philosophy is rooted in the concept of lifelong learning. I believe that shaping society’s next generation into lifelong learners is the true purpose of the education system. Students should not only be motivated to learn the curriculum, and it is the teacher’s responsibility to create an engaging learning environment to motivate students to thrive on their own and become independent lifelong learners. I believe that by fostering these values, I can help my students find meaning through education.


To go along with my design skills, my toolbox is filled with acronyms you might be afraid of such as HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and LESS. I love to see new standards appear and mature allowing the creation of new websites, each one more advanced and amazing than the previous.

Page loading speed, display performance, responsive layout and SEO optimizations are part of my job, I take these issues at heart from the very beginning.


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